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Hugh sold land in Charles Co., Maryland, along Picawaxen Creek (also called Piccowaxen), which is north of Popes Creek.

This is the same piece of 200 acres of land Hugh conveyed to his son, Hugh, in his 1701 will. Also living on the Mattaponi River was Anthony Arnold, Benjamin Arnold, and Martin Davenport.

They had a daughter, Mary, Sampson and Elizabeth Dowell of Gloucester Co., VA, assign John Battaile (b. She named her sons Anthony, Daniel, and Mason, which names might lead to her fathers name.

They include William Goffe, John Prosser, and Symon Miller, all men with ample land.

1679 - In a record between Hugh French and Thomas Swaney on on a work agreement whereby Thomas would work at Hughs tobacco plantation at Pickawaxon as his servant. Hugh French fraudulently deceived Thomas Swaney on over this contract.

Georgio's Creek called Ash Creek on the north with the said Creek on the West with said river Continuing & now laid out for Eight hundred Acres more or less... Map of Picawaxen (below) was the oldest settlement in Charles County, Maryland, on the Wicomico River.

1673 - Hugh settled in [44] in 1673, and then at St. 1666 in Old Rappahannock Co., VA, died before without issue according to the Thornton vs.

French Family Association The Official Website of the Surname French Chart #36, Hugh French Ist, 1636 St. Thomas Pannells daughter, Mary, married James Kay, the executor of Hugh Frenchs will. Presumably Hugh was there also, but the record does not say so.

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