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by  |  03-Aug-2017 04:55

The old version in my opinion was way easier and it was simple and i could easily access my messages and old messages i sent or others sent.

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In keeping with the Vita’s modus-operandi, Sony says Skype runs in “background mode” while you’re using other apps or games (though games or apps that shut down the Vita’s network connection will kill a current Skype session).

You can pause a game or app, slide over to Skype, make a call, then slide back to whatever you were playing or doing.

Worth dashing out to snatch up a Vita if you don’t already have one?

For Skype alone, probably not — if you Skype, you probably do so already from either a smartphone or computer.

But now, due to all of the changes and MAJOR BUGS, I cannot really open the app on my IPad without it being very laggy.

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