5 things you need to know about dating a journalist

by  |  17-Jan-2017 23:43

Smartphones prick the primitive human impulse for appreciation—self-replication in order to be seen, known, and loved—through constant contact with other seekers of affirmation.

While our relationships with our phones may not be lifelong covenant relationships (though carrier contracts can feel like it), I would not be the first to suggest that owning a smartphone is similar to dating a high-maintenance, attention-starved partner.

We try to break through the boundaries of time and space, and we end up ignoring the flesh and blood around us. We assume that we can drive cars and read and write on our phones all at the same time, but we are weaker than our assumptions.

When we use our smartphones rightly, their shining screens radiate with the treasure of God’s glory in Christ, and in that glory-glow, we get a sneak peek into a greater age to come.

The most surprising thing about working for an online dating site was finding out men are a lot more sensitive than we are led to believe.

Research shows men still view their female friends as potential dates, even if they have been friends for many years.

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