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In New York, eels historically penetrated inland throughout much of the state, except the far western end that is west of the Finger Lakes region (see map in Smith 1985).

Their abundance (number per hour) was only exceeded by the brook trout, bluegill, pumpkinseed, and yellow perch.

In Connecticut, fish surveys conducted during 1988-1994 captured eels in all basins except the Hudson River basin (Hagstrom et al. The highest densities were in streams adjacent to Long Island Sound or just upstream from large rivers.

Large numbers of small eels were collected close to Long Island Sound whereas fewer and larger individuals occurred farther inland.

This concurs with previous studies that found that eels occur, often in large numbers, in the lower portions of many coastal streams (Whitworth et al.

Found in Atlantic, Great Lakes, Mississippi, the Gulf Basin, and south to South America.

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