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Obviously the producers felt none of that produced any episode-worthy footage. I realize it was from pneumonia that can be deadly but all the endless stress and embarrassment they caused her must have broken her heart and weakened her immune system because a lot of stress over a long period of time will surely do that. And then her daughter ends up all over the news for lying to the banks, cheating and embezzlement and ends up in jail so she has a criminal jail-bird daughter in prison for a year, which is very hard on a parent. Then she sees her grandchildren, whom she adored, suffer through all that, plus the imprisonment of her son-in-law.

Teresa's storyline seems to be only about dealing with her mother's death and looking after her family while her husband is in jail. She watched as they cried over their dad going away even though he's a douche.

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I agree Siggy was annoying with what she was saying about herself and her "talents/abilities" but Teresa and Melissa are absolutely trash.[quote]Lol, yes there is.

He just has around 4-6% body fat and knows how to use shadows to his advantage. I like how you added the “LOL” as if it makes his post seem absurd. GTFOHR53 Yes it's true, all of the NJ Housewives voted for Trump, as well as their spouses.

No, it's because that woman happens to be a nice person who doesn't want any conflict.

Siggy actually takes credit for that healthy relationship dynamic, while insulting and schooling grown adults, "See, this is how a relationship with one's ex and his new wife should look, no arguing, no conflict", as if she's the reason it isn't a toxic, dysfunctional relationship.

What is this I'm the most talented person on earth stuff? You could just tell that the other ladies at the dinner table were rolling their eyes at her. Siggy was trash before she made that "most talented person" comment.

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