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Age of Mahogany and Satinwood The Age of Walnut gradually gave way to a period in which mahogany was the predominant species used.

The beginning of this period saw a sudden simplification of style into a less ornamented and more severely elegant esthetic. Later examples became more heavily carved, fretted, and typically replete with what is perhaps the most characteristic element of this whole period: the cabriole leg.

This was at first plain and finished with a simple turned pad foot, and later developed into a much carved element, complete with ball-and-claw, hairy paw, or lion’s feet.

Many other early Colonial era pieces, such as wainscot chairs and heavy joint-tables, are similarly in the Age of Oak tradition.

By the end of the period, the influence of the British William and Mary style was being felt.

The earliest attributable American-made piece of furniture is a chest made by Nicholas Disbrowe around 1660.

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