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If he does not atone properly, he will be transformed into a cat, and die due to his allergy.

Furthermore, should anyone find out about the curse, not only will the curse get stronger and enact faster, but the person who found out will become more unlucky and accident prone, such seen when Akari told Jyunpei that she knew he was cursed and almost fell down the temple stair.

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Even Jyunpei thought she was a boy at first when she confronted him for approaching Kaede (who she feels needs protecting.) However, after Jyunpei comforts her, she falls in love with him and resorts to extreme actions, such as attempting to transfer into his class despite being a year older, just to be at his side.

She suffers from a fear of lightning, the fear stemming from the fact that she witnessed her grandfather being struck by lightning on several occasions.

Some of this attitude is due to how Kotone's father practically ignored her and gave her common cat food while lavishing attention and gourmet cat food on Tama. She, along with her sister, know that Jyunpei is cursed.

They do not become cursed themselves as they have innate anti-magic abilities, but only for self-protection.

In the anime, she is shown to have had this sort of behavior towards a teacher, even at a young age. Like her sister, she is aware of Jyunpei's curse and tries to find ways to help or encourage him to help more cats.

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