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But commuting between his coast and hers frayed their nerves; they needed to be in the same place. As if it were pre-ordained, parts started rolling in for him. This has brought prosperity to the Melonis—the luxuries of a New York apartment, a Connecticut retreat, travel, and freedom for Sherman to explore painting.A rich variety of parts, for Chris is a natural actor, a quick study, and an asset on a set. Close to 14 million people watch it weekly on NBC; millions more catch it in reruns elsewhere. It has also brought the second half of that dream equation: Sophia, age four, and Dante, closing in on two.

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The passionate detective has one solace: his four young children. But no actor can avoid Los Angeles and, soon enough, he was back. That knocked him back: "You don't bump into people in L. (Six weeks later, he was back at the University of Colorado at Boulder.) Sherman Williams, on the other hand, may have looked like a hot biker chick, but she was the daughter of an oil executive, a dedicated student at Cal Arts and Parsons, and a Southern girl with oldfashioned values. "On our first date,we went to three parties, given by three sets of my friends," she recalls. "There were two concrete steps in front of his house," she says. Not the things that usually spell "time to get married." "Yes, but underneath all of Sherman's style, she's very traditional," Chris explains.

And that is unfortunate, because his wife recently decided to divorce him. And concluded she was an eleven on a coolness scale of ten. "Chris had them cut out so I could get my cycle onto his lawn."His-and-her motorcycles. On both sides, there was a common dream—a house with children. "Without a certain amount of money, there's stress," Chris says.

Keep the tension, never cross it." Meloni abruptly left in 2011 after failed contract negotiations.

The actor denied he will reprise Stabler in an interview this month after showrunner Warren Leight sparked rumors of his return.

"That I think they always knew would be the death knell of that relationship," he said.

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