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Taking Albarn's advice, Hewlett came up with the first official Noodle, a 10-year-old Japanese girl.

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"Because Noodle is our little Japanese guitar playing pumpkin-lovey. " She turned and gave Murdoc a 'I will kill you later' glare as she dragged Kevin out of the studio.

Remember these words if you even THINK about touching her in an inappropriate way Kevin: I got no problem going back to prison." Kevin's face drained as Murdoc cackled and he jumped as Russel began to grind his blades against the sharpening block. " Murdoc raised an eyebrow."Broken English, Noodle-love?

Hell, he'd just kept her away from Murdoc period until she was thirteen. He watched this Japanese girl cleaning furiously attempting to rid the couch of mysterious stains while muttering in her native language before she nearly strangled him with the vacuum cord and demanded he help.

Now, she was seventeen, speaking English and bringing around her first date. Now she had taken over the bathroom and was not allowing anyone in.

He created Gorillaz with Albarn (of Blur) in 1998, and the group has been a commercial and chart success over the course of four studio albums and singles that include “Clint Eastwood,” “Feel Good Inc.,” and “Dare.” The release of these four (actually, five) videos last week gives Gorillaz fans an increasingly clear picture of what the 26-track is about, following the very first burst—two months ago, on the eve of Donald Trump’s inauguration—in the form of the protest song “Hallelujah Money.” Albarn told an interviewer that, when the group was writing the album in early 2016, he instructed his collaborators to “just imagine the weirdest, most unpredictable thing happening, that changes everything about the world.” The scenario they envisioned?

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