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According to many sources it took three bigoted invading armies to wipe them out completely: Aurangzeb, the sixth Mughal emperor, tackled the legs in mid-18th century, while amir Abdul Rahman defaced them in 1893 (although in some of the first European sketches, drawn in early 19th century long before Abdul Rahman was born, the statues already look faceless).

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The young princess would later meet death in form of a lethal shower of stones hurled at her by the unappreciative Mongols.

A visit to this fortress can be coupled by one to Shahr-e Zohak at the eastern limits of the Bamyan plateau where the road bifurcates, leading either to Shibar or to Hajigak.

Previously, one could only fly when registered with the UN or one of the NGO airlines.

As of December last year, though, So, assuming you have arrived safely, there is plenty to do.

The only other major access route from the capital, over Hajigak Pass through Wardak province, had seen security problems long before.

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