Belkin routers keeps updating dns

by  |  30-Sep-2016 07:33

Using a paper clip, please press continue to hold the reset button Continue to hold the reset button at least 30-45 seconds after inserting the power cord, then release it.

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“A remote, unauthenticated attacker may be able to spoof DNS responses to cause vulnerable devices to contact attacker-controlled hosts or induce an authenticated user into making an unintentional request to the web server that will be treated as an authentic request,” said the US-CERT advisory.

“A LAN-based attacker can bypass authentication to take complete control of vulnerable devices.” In May, security researcher Kafeine warned that more than 40 popular routers were vulnerable to cross-site request forgery pharming attacks.

anything under -5 d Bm V will cause the discosvery frequently, espcially in an apt where the tap is horded by all the course this is assuming you're using copper coax cable for internet with modem into router setup.

Gate Ways would be the same deal as well as EMTAs(phone/modem device)if so, then you'd have to call the ISP to trouble shoot the line.

While passwords do not provide any additional security against LAN-based attackers due to the authentication bypass vulnerability, passwords can help to prevent blind guessing attempts that would establish sessions for CSRF attacks.

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