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If she's pretty and sexy he'll hit on her. I am highly considered going to the Attourney Generals office and filing a complaint on the website for Identity Theft! Why is 99% of the women on this site scammers looking for money? If he refuses any of these requests hes hiding something.

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I used this site back in the day and decided to try it again with wejustfit (my cousin recommended WJF).

I prefer WJF all things considered but Meet Me still has some potential and so much depends on where you are and how many members these kind of sites have in your area.

Apparently it's monitored but it's not because I've seen couples having sex, a guy shooting crap into his arm, a woman smoking a cannabis bong & a woman playing with her fanny.

Still alot of scammers & still alot of people sending rude pics but nothing gets done about all of the above. banned for absolutely nothing,signed up posted a few photos replied to every message i got did and said nothing inappropriate next thing i knew i was banned,no reason no explanation and have tried without success obviously to obtain an answer,this site doesnt want real genuine profiles,if you are a catfish sign up they will lap you up,its 100%% the worst site on the internet find something,anything else,you will thank me in the end Cons: 1- Admins censor almost everything and ban people for no reason. You'll come across a lot of people using the same pictures with a different name or location.

Stay away I've been with Meetme for 2 years now.

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