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by  |  15-Feb-2017 05:04

The engine will fail suddenly and catastrophically and it may even take you down to the pavement as the engine oil coats your rear wheel.

This is a dangerous and expensive engine defect nobody wants to talk about, but it is a real threat to your health, safety and your finances.

Also metal to metal contact produces metal filings to disperse into the oil prior to being filtered by the oil filter. The fact the hydraulic cam chain adjusters still have nylon pads rubbing against chains the pads will still wear out and big-time havoc happens! Dealers will tell you it is a failed maintenance issue.

In other words, you failed to pay the dealer to tear your engine apart to inspect the condition of the cam chain followers on a routine basis. Hydraulic cam chain followers are now used getting rid of the stiff spring that put too much pressure on the followers rubbing on the cam chain, but this is "no cure" as it only "" the problem.

The service writer would not answer my questions, gave me a song and dance and refused to forward my questions and concerns to the mechanic or management and frankly upset me with sarcastic comments.

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