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The Blackberry will not directly subscribe to i Cal (.ics) files so you can either import to your Outlook account if that syncs to your phone or set up a personal Google Calendar which you can add the school calendar to using the instructions above.

You would then need to by save keep" name="_GPLITA_14" href="#"Unfortunately it seems that Windows Phone cannot support more than one Calendar.

When you open the email on your i Phone / i Pad and click the link you will be prompted to confirm that you want to subscribe to the calendar.

Check the calendar name appears in your list of calendars (under a heading 'Subscribed') - this will then automatically update as new by save keep" name="_GPLITA_17" href="#"NB: If you previously clicked the link above and 'added' the events to your calendar then they will not automatically update. Once you have 'subscribed' as above, you can delete the events that were added to your own calendar.

If you are using an Android phone this calendar will then sync to your Android phone, providing the account you add the calendar to is the account that you sync to your Android phone.

Blackberry appointments not updating google calendar

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