dating sac formasi 2016 - Bow ciara dating wow

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I still love Bow wow no matter what happen to him !!!!!! I have always wanted to meet you but i know with you being a famous singer and all that it might not ever happen so i dont get my hopes up.

Hey Bow Wow, My name is Tiffany I just wanted you to know that I think you are a very good singer and that your very cute for being 18. Well this is all i had to say and i hope this gets to you or you read this sometime soon. And I seen your sneek peek on your 2nd single "Like you" featuring Ciara.

Girls, get ready for hot sexy bow wow.i want to let bow know how much i love him i think that i will be the one for him but it happen like that the my girl ciara have him but i hope ciara will take good care of my man are i will be sad with her if god put you to togather be to always and to omarion i want you to know whow much i love you and hopful me will be your and ciara will be bow wow and we all can go out toagather hola at you girl shellicia this is my email [email protected] love ya so much take care.

I have always thought Bow Wow and Ciara would look good together and they do. I think i am 1 of Bow's biggest fan and i don't feel the least bit jealous in fact i'm happy 4 them. I just hope ur not thinking about marriage just yet.

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I LOVE YOU BOW and i'll always will it doesn't matter who ure dating.i dont have a problem with bow wow and ciara dating because he can date whoever he wants.

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