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In typical teen girl fashion, we became fast friends in about fifteen minutes, but we were quickly parted when the program organizers announced that we would be gathering in ethnicity-based groups.

She trotted off to join the Asian students, and I was left alone to face a difficult choice: Did I join the large fun-looking group of black students at the far end of the room who were already laughing, high-fiving, and forming cliques?

However, my husband is the Indian of the two of us, and I'm the white person, so there might be some different reactions for you two due to gender role expectations and such.

I've posted some of my experiences in several threads in the last year including these ones -- question on interracial marriage in Pune interracial couple 've never had any trouble, either traveling in the city or countryside (in Maharashtra).

Therefore, even though the majority of students who gathered under its banner had graduated at the top of their classes from some of the best high schools in the Western Hemisphere, the nomenclature was not to be trifled with.

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