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Officers also seized a vial of black market steroids, about 10 vials of the blood thinner heparin, IV bags containing something that looked like blood, and medical equipment from the trailer.

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After the conclusion of bull riding, fans get the opportunity to see a bull and a rodeo athlete have a showdown with each other in the arena for three straight nights.“Bullfighters Only isn't a rodeo event,” BFO founder Aaron Ferguson said.

"You will see guys do flips over the bulls and do different fakes.

“We have guys that are coming from everywhere.”BFO world champion Weston Rutkowski is slated to perform at the DRR on July 6.“Weston is the one that draws the most attention,” Ferguson said.

“He has a huge fan base."Rutkowski is from Haskell, Texas.

The search warrant yielded records of the treatments he provided, numerous computers, hard drives and media storage devices.

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