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I don't see any way for you to improve your credit rating without paying this additional amount due.

If I were you, I'd reach out by phone and have the conversation you should have had the first time: Fess up that this was an oversight.

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My recollection is I paid $500 toward the $250 purchase.

Recently, I discovered Bof A reported this to the credit bureaus, which dramatically decreased my credit score from excellent to good.

I called to inform Bof A that I would make a payment with interest to close the matter, but because Bof A had never communicated with me (even though it confirmed it had my phone number and e-mail).

I said it was unreasonable to pay the total interest and penalties that accrued.

Q: I was at Chase recently and paid my credit card bill with cash. Then I attempted to pay my wife's credit card bill and I was refused. I believe that no one can refuse payment of a bill when it is made in legal tender. A., Middleburg Heights A: Big picture: the issue wasn't that you tried to pay your wife's credit card bill. Chase a year ago changed its policy about accepting cash deposits into a checking or savings account from someone who isn't an owner or authorized user on an account.

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