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Downard said sending information on Wolf’s home to Wolf “smacks of an attempt to intimidate and bully.”Sheldon Wolf letter Letter from Sheldon Wolf, holder of domain, to M.Bulent Turkoglu, director of operations for Sibername, which registered the website.

The Star had asked Wolf if he was suggesting he would get rid of the site if the Star ends its investigation. In his responses on behalf of Wolf, lawyer Downard said his client took issue with the Star’s “questionable tactics,” which included an examination of personal assets of Wolf such as his house and cars.“In the course of Mr. Wolf came to believe that you intended to publish a personal attack on him,” Downard wrote, adding that the front page article entitled “The Loan Wolf” “shows that he was right.”Downard also said the Star is a “powerful media outlet owned by a billion dollar public consortium” and that “there is a clear public interest in criticism of the manner in which you in fact carry out your work.”Downard took issue with the Star’s undercover reporting (speaking to Wolf’s company to see what his employees were offering debt-ridden Canadians) and sending a copy of the “deed” to Wolf’s home to Wolf.

The Star’s investigation found a $1.4 million Canada Revenue Agency lien on his home dating back to 2012 and the Star asked Wolf about it.

The Star was told he did send an email at one point to his 70-member sales staff with Bruser’s home address.

The site said it was the “unofficial information page” for the reporter.

The following article 1st appeared in Ranch & Reserve Magazine’s 8th issue.

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