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As Lauren walked through the empty halls, she couldn't help but wish school always looked like this. Lauren was always beautiful to Camila, bit Lauren looked really sick... You have a special place in my heart, and she has a special place in my heart.

This was definitely one of the perks of being on the dance team.. Her face was red, she was sweating, and she was definitely a lot braver. I have a crush on you also, I think you're very gorgeous..inside and out. Are different, trust me nothing to worry about." Lauren rolled her eyes at everything Camila was saying..wanted to know if she was dating the bitch, and she was also feeling a little light headed. But I asked if you were in a relationship with her. No polygamy shit." Camila giggled at Lauren liking the version of her that had no filter.

Her side was killing her, and Lauren was postive that he damaged a rib. She had been wanting to say these things for a while, but now she was suddenly brave enough to say it.

She had a game today, so she had to be at school earlier for practice. Sighing Camila ran her hands through her hair, looking over Lauren's features.

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