Cant acces usb disk after updating windows southern women dating etiquette

by  |  07-Apr-2017 01:26

Would be very grateful if anyone can help me out now.

Hello, I am unable to access files in my USB HDD after a few minutes of operating it.

If I try playing a movie, it will run smoothly for around 5 min max and then gets stuck.

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But sometimes, Windows cannot recognize and open USB device if something goes wrong, for example, the USB drive is missing or corrupted, the flash drive is infected with virus or damaged due to certain reasons.

The issue happened frequently in Windows 8/7 in the past and now it becomes increasingly severe in Windows 10.

Summary Tried again and again but still can't open USB flash drive on Windows 10?

This post is specially helpful for people whose flash drive is detected but cannot access files in it.

Tried all the methods but USB flash drive still cannot open on Windows 10? You can try to format the device to effectively solve the issue. Connect the USB drive to PC, launch Ease US disk data recovery, select the drive and click Scan button. The software will soon start a quick scan to find all the data on the pen drive or flash drive.

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