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and the problem in Paris is: lot of totally fayk pictures on the basic sites. Olia is a beautiful woman, tall, fine, elegant, even more beautiful than the pictures. So I feel you are changing the quality of your service.

so its clean.2- during the tour there is not an obligation to do it each week/month/etc..3- any agency newer do it all time long (also ewen before tour) (also any analysis is posible to print on printer if someone wish to do fake-play) (as its deppends of a hugine and responasbility of each person personaly).4- there is not any offer on the GL web site of the unsafe relation. so logically no responsability of the administration.5- what i advice in case if the condom broke is: to use the 1st contraception-antiseptic liquid. She\'s a little shy when you first meet but she warms up quickly.

and after ~2 weeks to go to the Dr and to do the test. She also happens to be incredibly sweet and a great conversationalist. She is a great girl in bed, but only negative is that she reminds me of time. Not sure who are people who take 30 mins shower and talk for 30 mins in one hour meeting. today i had my discount and my mentality pushed me to use it for a maximum!

other way that i can suggest,- its always go to Dr Pipi if have some questions. When it\'s over, I usually regret having spent my money... Dear Golden Ladies Team, I had a wonderful time with a beautiful ukranian student named Arina I think, last summer. I also want to praise Mari, with whom I have had the pleasure to encounter on a few occasions and hope she will return.

Regardsok, i will do it more clear:1- yes, before the tour the girls are making basic health-analysis also for heart, blood, etc.. Lastly, a word about Vanessa, and to second what someone else said about her: while pretty, she appears a bit rushed from the moment of arrival. As others have mentioned Alina is perfect, natural and gorgeous.

and newer hesitate to think about it and to take care of your health.i hope that i satisfied your interest. She\'s a nice girl who is more on the small side but her body is very tight. She provided the service that I asked for so I can\'t complain. I booked 30 mins (1 hr or more next time) and she was in no hurry to push me out of the door. We finished almost 10 minutes left in our time and I wanted to lie and collect my breath but she told me that normally agency doesn\'t like client to stay after meeting is over. if few min less,- its up to sometimes if the Guest know that he prefer to use 30 min shower and 30 min to talk,- its better to take more time from start if he prefer to relax as well...happy 2017 New Year! For me it\'s a sexual meeting where we need to take our breath after finishing and not immediately start dressing to leave as we are paying top money for the service. :-Pso i meet my lovely Nika and her new friend Isabella for 2h.

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