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Furthermore, the strong and often it eludes desire to do so.


Since we both worked, we tried as much as possible to spend more time at work. The case happened to us has been gradually forgotten. Two days later she came home late from her and smelled strongly of alcohol.

Met at home late at night, sometimes supper together, but that our relationship ended. Annoyance at his wife began to pass and I have already started to think about in order to get our relationship with her back on track. By phone came wife said she did not last long and that I have not heard of, but after the call she took a bottle of wine, poured a full glass and drank in one gulp. When I tried to question her about where she was, then her eyes shed tears at first, and then he shook his head and ran into the bathroom and closed there on the water.

- Have a little patience – Olya whispered in the ear of his daughter.

– Now you’re in my room there with you remove the handcuffs.

The room in which they found themselves was quite spacious, right round, high-emitting yellowish light ceiling.

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