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You'll probs find the odd under-age drinker but everywhere has pretty much cracked down on id now!Anyone lookin or actin like a chav doesnt even see the entrance usually! ' dingy old pit in the back of town, not much fun unless your a chav or wanna be robbed or beaten! have been a few times but not really my thing since its a bit of a trekk through town! Que Pasa and Yates are the best bars in town, can work out expensive but alwayz a good atmoshpere!

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Blush is quite good, but I only like the middle floor with the more mainstream music. Only ever go on cheese night, and make that a themed cheese night and perhaps only once or twice, it's possibly the most popular club in cheltenham but it is way too small and the variety between music each week is minimal. 2 Pigs; Alright for those who like to see some of the local amateur stuff.

Previously a pub it's now been pretty much stipped and turned into a club.

Time is now MODA and has become more selctive with its clientel.

Both MODA and FEZ turn away anyone who looks a bit "dodgy" and ID alot to prevent the young patrons spoiling the club. NICHE offers the best in black music and older men (!

It's full of old men who are looking for a good time! Fridays and Saturdays are getting busy due to the opening of a new VIP lounge "The Boardroom".

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