Chely wright dating lauren blitzer dating 3 months he said im smothering him

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Wright felt it was time for her to be truthful and open about her sexuality..Wright came out as the first openly gay country star in 2010, around the time of the book's publication. Some fans offered their support, while others sent her hate mail."In coming out I had a feeling that it would diminish my wage earning, and that feeling was correct.

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The album spent 13 weeks on the country music charts, but did not break into the Top 20.

Wright later said that the sales for the album dropped by half because of her sexuality.

Wright took a handgun out of her closet and put its barrel in her mouth, but she decided not to pull the trigger.

After nearly committing suicide, she came to some realizations.

According to TMZ, though, Chely Wright is ready to make a surprising announcement: she's gay.

Chely wright dating lauren blitzer

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