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Chinese men often don't know how to practice safe sex, Hanna explains, and so many of her friends -- "too many" -- have had abortions.

Since Hanna moved to Beijing two years ago, she has mainly dated foreign men.

"If you can't ban sex totally, then you can't ban pornography," explains Professor Li, a sociologist at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

"Pornography to sex is like a restaurant menu to food -- if you can't ban people from eating, you can't ban people from seeing the menu." Amid hate mail and threats, Li has repeatedly urged the regime to overturn its bans on pornography and prostitution.

Today's China is in the midst of a sexual revolution.

There are over 2,000 sex shops openly doing business in Beijing alone, and most of their products are made in China.

When Hanna, a 26 year old woman from China's Hebei Province, asked her parents where she came from as a little girl, they said they found her in a trash can.

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