Christian coptic dating

by  |  07-Jul-2016 01:28

God has created each of us in His image, which means each of us is special.God loves that person, and we have to try our best to love them the same way He does.Obviously, it‘s not a simple answer, because it‘s not a simple subject.

Those butterflies in our stomach are our blood rushing and hormones getting amped up. Is it just because we find the person physically attractive? The truth is that romantic love is just as much a spiritual response as it is a physical one.

When we find that we are “in love with” someone, part of it is because our soul wants to have a special relationship with that person.

So is this what makes two people “boyfriend/girlfriend?

” I think it takes a little more than just going out somewhere, right?

Going on dates with one person on a regular basis, or being a “boyfriend” or a “girlfriend,” means that you spend time together in order to learn a little more about yourself, and what kind of person you gel with.

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