Christian dating site hacked

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Marco Fioretti, co-founder of the group, says open-source software teaches the “practical dimension of community and service to others that is already in the church message”. Commercial software such as Microsoft Word is widely pirated in many parts of the world, by Catholics as well as others.

Mr Fioretti advocates the use of open-source software instead, because he doesn't want people “to violate a law without any real reason, just to open a church document”. As early as 2002, for instance, the Vatican's “Church and Internet” document cautioned that “there are no sacraments on the internet” and worried about the solipsistic appeal of technology.

“In a world devoted to the logic of profit,” wrote Mr Spadaro, hackers and Christians have “much to give each other” as they promote a more positive vision of work, sharing and creativity.

He is not the only person to see an affinity between the open-source hacker ethos and Christianity.

Three months have elapsed since the Ashley Madison data breach rocked the world, but it seems the site and many of its competitors still haven’t learned basic lessons about online security.

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