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In the last few decades, however, a handful of them — including Geneva’s — have increasingly come to operate as storage lockers for the superrich.Located in tax-friendly countries and cities, free ports offer savings and security that collectors and dealers find almost irresistible.

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Building on the success of its sell-out global 2017 PFS series of events which saw 100 attendees join shows in London, Boston and San Diego, the agenda for Pre-Filled Syringes Europe 2018 has been carefully tailored to arm you with the key requirements and tools to adapt to an ever-changing medical landscape in areas that are critical to those working within parenteral drug delivery and injectable devices.

Don’t miss an exclusive regulatory update from the MHRA plus big pharma keynotes from Boehringer Ingelheim, Barts Health, Lonza, Janssen more!

The fabrication and evaluation of biodevices, including wearable and implantable devices is also addressed.

Bioimaging is a term that covers the complex chain of acquiring, processing and visualizing structural or functional images of living objects or systems, including extraction and processing of image-related information.

If I ever get really into Buddhism and mindfulness, I think my biggest obstacle in achieving enlightenment will be observing people in museums touching the art and remaining calm about it.

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