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Since Allen's failed attempt to exorcise Tyki's Inner Noah, he seems unable to completely revert to his human form. Joyd fought alongside his fellow Noah 7000 years ago against the wielders of Innocence.

However the earl of Millennium was defeated and the Noah took refuge in the Noah's Ark. When they died, their memory was somehow passed onto the new generation and continues to live on until today, reincarnating in a new human whenever it dies. The exact date and circumstances surrounding Tyki's birth remains unknown and his age is only an estimate.

To even the score, Tyki gives Allen his deck of cards.

Tyki first meets Allen Walker and Lavi as they are escorting the newly christened exorcist Arystar Krory III to help look for General Cross Marian.

Disguised as a migrant worker, Tyki and his friends play a game of poker with the unwitting Krory, eventually stripping him to his underwear.

Generally, Tyki is a friendly person, easily sympathizing with strangers and joking around.

He is far from susceptible, letting the other Noahs tease him and acting as a cool brotherly figure while he tries to maintain a dignified persona.

Upon discovering this, Allen begins to play with Tyki, cheating to win the game.

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