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It’s all fun and games until your date’s dad insists on showing you his gun collection.

It was just a joke when some guys razzed my friend Todd, who was gay, about his clothes, and a fight broke out at a metro station, and, according to Todd, they were all hauled off to the police station, where he was raped with a billy club. She’ll have her own challenges, I’m sure, when it comes to love and sex when it’s time. I can only give her so much preparation, the rest she’ll have to figure out on her own.

Getting a second opinion I spent so much time being mad about the shotgun comment and frustrated at not being understood when I spoke up that I brought the idea to my Jungian psychotherapist, who helps decode the world for me when I can’t.

I was the townie living in a remote speck of a place on the pristine waters of Washington State’s Puget Sound; Matt and his family had come from the very exotic-sounding Santa Barbara to escape the Southern California heat and lounge by the resort pool and play tennis. For two summers, we splashed each other in the pool. Love isn’t a bed of roses.” And then I wrote out my first name and his last name, as if we were married, and surrounded it with a heart. By the end of our second summer, we’d still not “done the deed,” as I was saving my virginity. Such a tender moment blown out of proportion,” he said.

I was in the house alone when Matt came to say goodbye. It was the culmination of a years-long, circular “I’ll begin to trust you when you’re trustworthy” go-round. We’ve seen each other once in the past 30 years, but we’re Facebook friends. Back then, I wasn’t aware enough to put my humiliation and outrage into words, about my father having a say in my sexuality, protecting my virginity as if it were some kind of commodity, property, or jewel that was anyone’s but mine.

No, sorry, a virgin is not more valuable than a non-virgin.

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