Dan silverman dating coach

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"Well, in a weak economy where there aren’t that many good jobs to be had, things like personal coaching become an attractive job option," says de la Rosa.

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And the newness of this industry partly contributes to the difficulties brewers face when trying to open their businesses -- local and state laws prohibit even beer tastings at storesmake even beer tastings difficult.

Last fall, an innovation training program called Startup Quest launched in South Florida. It was specifically for folks who were out of work or underemployed.

Says Echavarria: "What happens in the hard skills become the soft skills and the soft skills become the really hard skills." Employees with exceptional technical skill may not know how to lead a team, for instance. " But the explosion of coaching as a new income stream makes sense.

CEOs and other leaders often get coaching bought and paid for by their corporations. It is personal service that can’t be automated or outsourced internationally.

Many people would rather pay a matchmaker a lot of money to do the work for them and I don’t blame them.

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