Dating a prisoner

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I'm not biased or judgemental, just interested in hearing personal heartfelt stories with meaning. we started chatting, the he told me he was in prison. well not personally but we have been chatting online. At first I just reached out to him, attempting to make a friend (for some reason I've always been curious about people locked up, I guess from always watching those prison documentries on tv) ANYWHO, like I said, I was just... I was on break and my bestfriend had shown up so I could see her for a few minutes. I'm a Juggalo so when I saw them repping the Hatchet me and my... I'm struggling right now because I miss him and truly do love him but I'm tired of the entire situation.

I don't want to just write an article full of facts and statistics. I was just looking for a relationship but now there's this man telling me he's in jail. for over a year now and being with someone incarcerated is hard and not everyone can deal with it wishing you ladies/men out there who are dating someone incarcerated the best of luck and keep your head up I know sometimes it gets hard and if you ever need to talk about anything... I know in my heart that he loves me too he makes me feel like... My mother passed away when I was 17 and his mother kind of took me in and helped me through so many things. Hi Everyone I am trying to put together an article about women who meet and fall in love with men in prison.

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Inmates serving long prison sentences can go years without seeing any friends or relatives.

Me and my man are having problems and I'm afraid to make the wrong choice. and I just want him to know that I love him so much and miss him like crazy! It's hat despicably now around Christmas but I'm getting through it the best way I can. I went on a dating site and that's were I first had an encounter with him.

It's going to be a very long hard process but I will be here till the end.

On CONPALS, which features personal ads from inmates on death row, Richard Gamache, who has been locked up for 22 years, wrote: “I'm just tired of being alone and lonely.” Loveaprisoner has a more direct mission: To connect inmates, both male and female, with romantic partners.

Dating a prisoner

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