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by  |  24-Mar-2017 10:23

Hi guys, Just found that century arms have yugo sks in excellent condition in stock.

If you don't like it, someone else will be willing to take it off your hands I'm sure. Most people call a gun that looks like what JMB designed and adopted as the 1911 a 1911 though they are not. However, Federal 922(r) law and 27 CFR 478.39 regulations concerning foreign vs domestic parts content and the "10 or less key foreign parts" game would have to be observed.

Is m59 better than m59/66 as there is no gas valve? It is an unfortunate weak point that will eventually leak and cause the action to not eject and load properly. Most people call a gun that looks like a Simonov Self-loading Carbine an "SKS" though they are not. That guide says: MARKINGS: SKS usually found on the left side of the receiver. Ok so just because it doesn't say its an SKS on the side and the country never says it built SKS doesn't mean it isn't so. [Note that the Yugo M59/66 carbine variant often was equipped with a grenade launcher muzzle device.

If a Yugo M59 has a detachable magazine it would be legal in CA. Like I said before going to be an SKS owner it behoove of you to start doing your own research and doing trail and error. Guys, Just called Century, yugo 59 in excellent condition are $319 $12 shipping. Thanks I've always held the belief that a good price is one that leaves both the buyer & seller smiling.

Only rifles marked SKS that have detachable magazines are illegal in CA. They made it in Russia and also in other countries. O I was just being stupid JAr Head, I know what that one at the bottom is :) Often confused as the "wooden Ak-47" because it has the AK charging handle. As such, there have been times where I've paid above market but didn't care because I felt my purchase and the joy of using said purchase was well worth the extra bit of money.

The only SKSs on the C&R list are Albanian, Romanian and Russian.

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