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My mother once described how she would have to sneak into Ethyl's room at night, during her sister's illness and crawl under her bed.

She would lay on the floor beneath Ethyl, praying that her presence would give her sister enough strength to survive the pneumonia.

She remembers him crying as he tearfully hugged his daughters, who were then only 2 and 8 years old..said his "goodbye'. Connie and Ethyl were sent to live with their paternal grandmother, in Alsa, a small community about 2 miles northwest of their farm, which remains today, near the southwestern shore of Lake Tawakoni.

In May 1916, only 2 years later, their 63 year old grandmother succumbed to the Spanish Flu in a terrible epidemic that swept the nation and world, of millions of that generation of souls.

Somehow there was a feeling within me that events such as Christmas and birthdays were just not as joyous as they should have been.

I only recently have shared these feelings with my two sisters..themselves expressed a similar kind of pre-occupation that "special times" were just not as we seemed to want them to be. My feelings about "family" were very much influenced by my knowledge of mother's orphan experience.

Her foster "mother" first sent her to the Texas State College for Women (TSCW) in Denton..later to nursing school in Galveston...which is where she met my father.

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