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by  |  16-Apr-2017 07:58

Watch out for the metallic notes as well, they can be overpowering. This is a flanker to Egoiste not because it's a similar scent, but the same type of man would probably probably wear this. It's by far the most sexy fragrances that ooze confidence.

Classy, serious but also kind and capable of having fun This was my go-to perfume for a long time. I get more compliments on this scent than any other fragrance.

It's also good that it is not as popular these days as it used to be.

I also noticed some people complaining about longevity however it stays on me more than 8 hours. It works well all year round in any situation, definitely a signature type scent imo. Which sucks because I really wanted to like this.....although this isn't as good as I've heard the original Egoiste was, I've heard that Platinum comes in at a close second.

This could almost be an Axe Body Spray if it wasn't careful.

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