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I created this list from watching too many cheesy Japanese TV dramas, listening to J-pop songs and of course real life conversations with people here in Japan.I also interviewed a few Japanese friends who were kind enough to tell me which phrases were more natural and commonly used.Note: I asked my female Japanese friends about a compliment that would genuinely make them happy. I tend to believe them as Japanese women and even men take great pride in their appearance. You can add “kawaii yo ne” after the thing you are complementing.

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Note: This is the phrase to use if someone has confessed their love to you and the feeling is mutual. The Japanese language often leaves out the subject, object or indirect object of the sentence.

So although it’s grammatically correct to say 私もあなたのことが好き watashi mo anata no koto ga suki – “I like you too”, it is more common to simply say 私も好き – watashi mo suki which literally means “I also like”. Well, in this case, it’s understood from the context.

However, even in romance, the Japanese tend to be less direct and a little vague with their feelings.

So 好き can be used in many situations from saying you like a certain type of ice cream to saying you like or love someone enough to want to marry them.

Several studies have found correlations with the amount of time a couple waits to have sex and the quality of their relationship.

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