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Állandóan fülhallgatóval a fülemben mászkálok mindenhova - apa mindig azt mondja, hogy majd ettől leszek süket, de nem izgat, hisz ráérek akkor ha már az leszek... And when Kagami was asked by Riko to do them a favor, tonight will seriously be a long one. Like how small his hands look holding the ball but how larger than life he seems when he's flying through the air to meet a toss. He'd let it take away the only thing that mattered: Damon Salvatore. AU: None of the Go M members knew the real reason Kuroko left the Teiko basketball team. Chapter 2: Kuroko saw the flash of a sniper's scope, but didn't react decisively enough. After a long, hard day at work, Merlin is too tired to make it back to his own bed. "Excuse me, sire, I just thought you should know that your son had me in his bed last night. Bilbo and Gandalf travel to Rivendell, where Lord Elrond insists that they remain, due to Bilbo's pregnancy. With Lancelot gone, Merlin is left feeling more alone than ever. He brought his hands to the sword's hilt in a weak attempt to push it away. However, the way he goes about it surprises even himself. Crossposted from tumblr; prompt by alternative27angel. Uzumaki Naruto had the perfect life, two loving parents who would never give up on him. The Generation of Miracles have a surprising reunion the day before Kuroko's birthday. How on earth will he be able to fulfill his destiny now? Arthur, being the kind, loving boyfriend he is, takes care of Merlin until he is once again better. Chapter 5: Back in Camelot with Arthur and a visit from Gwaine. And that is why he couldn't take his eyes off the shiny white scar on Merlin's lower back. Merlin and Arthur get captured and Merlin proves exactly how loyal he is. Spencer Reid suffers a schizophrenic break, and he and the team attempt to deal with the aftermath. Mostly due to the fact that, at the time I submitted this, I had not figured out how to post chapters separately."Stay away from him! Hotch, Reid and Morgan have found happiness in each other's arms… when suddenly one of the three feels left out because of some misunderstandings. Forbidden Activities That Merlin is NOT Allowed to do.

anime."Ebben a világban nem létezik sem igazság, sem hazugság. És mégis, mindenki csak azt fogadja el az igazságnak, ami kényelmes neki. Azon gyengék számára, akik a világ lakosságának nagy részét kiteszik, a kellemetlen "tények", amit elfogadnak maguknak, az maga az igazság." - Bleach c. És ha - nagy ritkán - igazán mélyről nézel magadba, ez már nem férfi, és nem is nő. Világéletemben megvetettem a gyengeséget és a gyenge embereket. Ahhoz, hogy életben maradhass, erősnek kell lenni, és mindenkin át kell gázolni.

Mindenki a saját kis világában él és úgy, ahogy ő helyesnek gondolja." - Naruto c. Aki erősebb, feljebb van, megöli és felfalja a gyengébbet. Csak terhére van a családjának, barátainak és a társadalomnak.

;)Nos, megkezdődött a végzős évem, sajna igen, húzós lesz, érettségi meg minden. Annyira el akarok végre húzni innét, ki külföldre, cél JAPÁN! :3 :) Gyűlölöm az angol nyelvet, sorry, viszont a Japánt megfogom tanulni, és a franciát is esetleg. Ez, a fic körmölgetés csak a kezdet, kipróbálom, hogy mire vagyok képes. Úgy gondolom, jó kiugró az életemben, és gyakorlati tapasztalatot is ad. Én úgy gondolom - és bátran ki is merem mondani(írni) - hogy ezek az "alap" szerelmi szálak tönkreteszi a történeteket. In the Hotch/Morgan/Reid series that started with 'Three is Company' - After interviewing a potential witness, Hotch and Reid drive into a storm that ends up dropping more than rain. Derek meets his dream girl at a Halloween party, only it's not a girl, but Spencer cross-dressing. When a member is shot the case becomes personal and our favorite profiling team is reminded that every hour is vital to finding the children. (ha írtok persze) Részletesebben elmagyarázom, csak kattints rá. Megjelenik az egyetlen, aki a legtökéletesebb, legfontosabb Kurokónak... ( Gom/Kaga/Ogix Kuroko szóban)Ebben a kis történetben nyomon követhetjük, hogy mit is érez, a mi drágalátos Aomine Daikink, az ő édes, érzelemmentes, magántanára iránt.

:)Egyszer el fogom érni, hogy a filmek végén, a narrátor a magyar szinkronhangoknál, az én nevemet is elmondja. :) Nézzétek, nyelvtanból javítottam egy jegyet, mióta elkezdtem írni. :"DAhh, a lényeg a lényeg, hogy a legjobb dolog ami történt velem egy évvel ezelőtt történt: Tényleg, tök sima nap volt, a madarak csiripeltek - gondolom, hisz ki tudja mikor volt már -, azt hiszem megúsztam a felelést, meg minden. Now it's a race to save Reid's life as he lies pinned in a ditch by the car... Naruto and Sasuke are having their lunch breaks and Naruto asks his best friend a question. Merlin hadn't fully recovered from the side-effects of the Serket's poisonous sting when the battle for Camelot began. Damon looked truly innocent in the moment, completely contradicting not only his own name, but his past actions and words. From now on, every single time the word "Gryffindor" is uttered in your presence, you'll feel an urge to go kiss the one you love. When Reid and Morgan are kidnapped by an angry Un Sub who demands that the team choose one of them to die, the team scrambles to find them before it's too late. When Arthur finds out his father is making an alliance with the magical barbarians in the forest, he refuses to marry any of the daughters of Lord Balinor Emrys. :) ( csak kérlek, senki se lopjon más történetét... x D : D )Mi van akkor, ha a Gom tagjai és Kagami, végül rájönnek, hogy mit is éreznek Kuroko iránt? és vele, legyenek bármilyen jó kosarasok, nem vehetik fel a versenyt...

:) Szerintem mindenki gondolkodjon el, hogy vajon tényleg olyan jó megszokottnak lenni. (Mellékesen jegyzem meg, hogy az összes megvan laptopon... Thorin never stood a chance, Bilbo was too cute, small and unprotected and as his unofficially appointed guardian Thorin will protect the small hobbit from everything..if later on it's himself! Bilbo Naruto has taken to stalking his best friend Sakura, because he is in love with her. He denies everything that Klaus tells him, insisting that they were never together. It was just like the Lamia all over again." Gen, friendship. Kuroko found the article which titled "5 Things Men Will Do If He Falls In Love" and remembered someone who's doing that 5 things to him. When Alaric confronts him about it, Damon shows him in an unexpected way that he might be the world's best wingman after all. If he was sober, he would have pushed the blonde off of him, but what Shikamaru did in response scared him the most.

Dating bar ti szeretet community

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