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dating breast enlargement for men-69

Fact: Women follow social standards even if they are wrong. DO men understand that some women are hurt when it comes to this subject. And income, not all women want to be stay-at-home wives, times have changed and women have become more independent (I'd hate to have to rely on some guy to live!

Big breast envy is a self-imposed illness on women. We feel like we are not good enough as a sex partner, it lowers our selfesteem. ), or well, then just work hard if you wanna impress chicks with your paychecks!

How do we cope with this when the man continously looks at porn even when it causes a hardship in the realationship. This is the only problem with our realationship, it's going to end because of an obsession. You're right: Many men's breast obsession hurts the feelings and self-esteem of many women. Of course, many men also have their feelings hurt and self-esteem damaged by some women's fixation on being with men who are taller than they are, have a certain build, have a high income, etc. It's not the same, and it's not a valid excuse to just throw that because some women are shallow then us small chested women have to suffer!

Because usually the most shallow women are the most attractive ones (i.e.

On the other hand you could just say that 'Im happy and that's all that matters'. There are so many people with abnormalities,are disabled,mentally retarded that would absolutely adore being like you. As a man I adore lots of boobs,but small ones are really appealing,you don't need to wear a bra. However since men can see breasts all the time (well rather the bulge of breasts against shirts) it is rather hard to not appreciate such things.

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