Dating columbia 78 rpm records fission track dating method

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Dating columbia 78 rpm records

The pre-1908 single sided Columbias did not have matrix numbers - the catalog number was the matrix number.

Also, it was also very common for those early Columbia records to also be issued, sometimes with pseudonymous artist credits, on various client labels that Columbia pressed - for example Harvard and Oxford which were in-house labels for Sears, Roebuck and Company as well as the Standard, Harmony and United labels, all of which had over sized spindle holes designed to fit phonographs made by specific manufacturers.

If all you are interested in is just a copy in the best possible condition to listen to, it usually doesn't matter one way or another.

But my understanding is that, in most cases, the label design that was current when the record was initially issued is usually considered to be the more collectible.

According to the Almost Complete 78 rpm Record Dating Guide by Steven C Barr it should be from 1901, because the matrix number is 512-8-8.

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