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Because I’ve been the mommy who had the little girls cry for their daddy and wake me up sobbing at in the morning. The good thing about all this is it won’t last very long. I feel so sorry for your sister and I will keep her in my prayers.

Neither she nor the man is capable of any kind of solid permanent relationship. She is a sad, lost and lonely soul searching for something.

Fine, he’s separated, he’s trying to be committed to my sister, but, he’s STILL MARRIED.

My sis said she was going to be seeing him just to make him “suffer” for having “cheated” on her (btw, I believe they are sleeping together, more likely than not, my sister’s well known for that )…

I Had Sex with My Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Fiancé Before Marriage; Can We Still Get Married? What does the Bible say about same-sex marriage (gay marriage)?

Does the Bible Say a Wife Has to Obey and Be Submissive to Her Husband? The parents sometimes allowed their children to have a say in the choice, but frequently they did not (Genesis , 24:1-4, 38:6, Judges 14:1-2). The negotiations by the parents resulted in a betrothal, a binding agreement pledging the bride and groom to marriage.

Then I confronted her about this and she finally admitted he’s married still.

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