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Finally, a judge may order one spouse to pay “temporary” alimony to a low-earning or unemployed spouse during the divorce.

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While judge’s have the power to decide exactly what “extremely wrongful” means in this context, behavior shocking enough to affect property division would generally have to be something along the lines of attempted murder of the other spouse.

Infidelity will not affect a custody decision in New Jersey unless the unfaithful spouse exposes the children to someone who is dangerous or who might affect them negatively.

Other bad acts during marriage, including adultery, may affect an alimony award, but the behavior negatively affected the couple’s economic situation (eg., where a spouse used substantial marital assets to buy gifts for his or her lover), or where the misconduct was so bad that an ordinary person would recoil from the idea of the innocent spouse being forced to support the guilty one.

Although most people find the idea of adultery distasteful, it will not, by itself, automatically bar alimony: it will generally be a factor only in the presence of additional bad behavior.

In New Jersey, a court might order “permanent” or “durational” alimony (alimony having a pre-set term) to a spouse who depended on the other spouse’s income for support during marriage.

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