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Carolina Coliseum February 19 - Tohnson City, Tenn. Nick for an additional .000 at 7 percent interest with a repayment schedule of twenty-five years. 'The Crypt in the mausoleum where the body was placed was later sealed and mortared over, then covered with a marble slab'. Tom Parker, the man Elvis Presley credited with 'making me what I am', will remain in charge of the late singer's affairs for the time being, it was learned yesterday .... 'He [Parker] was arranging details of the singer's New England Tour when he learned of the heart attack '... Coliseum March - 'Welcome to my World' album released, Highest position U. Before leaving, he takes care of several business matters, including a loan to Dr. He is feeling fine and looking forward to returning to his personal appearance tours that begin April 21 at Greensboro, NC'. - The Tennessean - Nashville August 19 - 'The flower-laden coffin of Elvis Presley was carried into it's resting place at Forest Hill Midtown Cemetery'... 'Things are very quiet' he said 'People are sitting around the coffin in the living room. Fadal said Ginger Aldren, the late singer's fiacee, was taking his death 'well' but that Priscilla Presley, the singer's ex-wife and mother of their daughter Lisa, was 'taking it very, very hard'. - From the August 19 editions of The Commercial Appeal and The Tennessean - Nashville August 19 - 'The 2 p.m.

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January - Bill Clinton takes public office for the first time, as attorney general January 1 - The album 'Elvis In Demand' released. An inventory of the singers wealth believed to be millions of dollars is not expected to be filled for 60 days '...

Highest chart position #12 January 1 - Australia's population reaches 14,000,000 January 14 - Australian actor Peter Finch dies (1916-1977) January 20 - Jimmy Carter is sworn in as the 39th President of the United States January - Alex Haley's 'Roots' attracts the largest television audience in history February 2 - - Press scimitar February 12 - 21 Elvis tours in concert. - The Commercial Appeal August 27 - 'The body of Gladys Love Presley, was quietly unearthed and moved late yesterday [August 26] into the mausoleum where her son was entombed last week.

Saginaw Center Elvis Spring Tours '77 CD - From different shows between March 26, 1977 and May 3, 1977. - The Sun (Australia) - 'He couldn't sing anymore', 'His stage appearances were a joke because his stomach bulged over his gold lame, sequined suits' 'Presley's movie career ended in 1969 after about 60 films, all with roughly the same plot'[From John Fraser in New York.] - Evening Standard (England) August 17 - Elvis was to have begun another tour, starting with a concert in Portland, Maine Cancelled Tour Dates 17 Aug 8.30pm Portland, Me Canceled18 Aug 8.30pm Portland, Me Canceled 19 Aug 8.30pm Utica, Ny Canceled 20 Aug 8.30pm Syracuse, Ny Canceled 21 Aug 8.30pm Hartford, Ct Canceled 22 Aug 8.30pm Uniondale, Ny Canceled 23 Aug 8.30pm Lexington, Ky Canceled 24 Aug 8.30pm Roanoke, Va Canceled 25 Aug 8.30pm Fayetteville, Tn Canceled 26 Aug 8.30pm Asheville, C Canceled 27 Aug 8.30pm Memphis, Tn Canceled 28 Aug 2.30pm Memphis, Tn Canceled August 18 - 'An estimated 50,000 to 100,000 persons visited Graceland during the day Wednesday [August 17] to pay there respects ...

'The void he will leave is impossible to gauge', said Pat Boone.

Elvis 'completely disarmed the man by shaking his hand and introducing himself'. Hundreds of weeping fans gathered outside Baptist Memorial and Graceland Mansion last night.

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