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Members of the task force told the community that there are no updates to be released publicly yet.

“Sadly, I don’t have new information for you,” said police inspector Peter Code, adding that even if they did, “we couldn’t share it publicly as we cannot speak about evidence.

an audience member and Iranian refugee to Canada, told the hushed crowd about the time, a few years ago, he had been drugged and attacked by a man he had met on Scruff, and how he still has to take anxiety medicines to ease his pain and his intense feelings of vulnerability.

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Friends, family, and community members filled the ballroom at the 519 Community Centre to vent their grief and express their fears about the disappearances that have rocked the community over the past five weeks.

At the town hall, police thanked the local community for their cooperation and “the abundance of information that has come in,” as they said repeatedly.

We know how frustrating this is for everyone.” And, he said, despite a growing fear in the community that someone could be targeting gay men, there is yet “no evidence of criminality.” Code ended by saying that the disappearance cases are “like a puzzle in which we don’t know what pieces are missing.”, a close friend of Andrew Kinsman, who founded the group, Toronto’s Missing Rainbow Community Members, and organized the town hall, said the group is developing strategies to stay safe, both while out cruising in bars or chatting online.

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