Dating gold jewellery

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More advanced decorative techniques include embossing, repoussé work, engraving, enamel-work (types include champlevé, cloisonné, basse taille, plique-à-jour) granulation and filigree decoration.

When it comes to stone-cutting, gems may be cut to create incised/engraved designs on the stones themselves, or they may be cut (from variegated stones like onyx or agate) to make cameos.

Diamonds are traditionally the most highly prized gems, and vary in colour from yellow to bluish white.

Other precious stones are rubies (red), emeralds (green) and sapphires (blue), plus less costly chrysoberyl (yellow/green) topaz (yello/blue) and zircon (brown/translucent).

Considered to be decorative art, jewellery is one of the oldest categories of precious metalwork.

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