Dating gospel of mark

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Apart from that, there are clear indications that it is a product of the second or third Christian generation.

The traditional name of Matthew is retained in modern discussion only for convenience. Jewish customs are familiar to everyone (see the discussion of 15:5), the debate about the law is a central question (see the discussion of -20), and the Sabbath is still observed (see the discussion of ).

However, it is not clear whether he was referring to this Gospel of Thomas or one of the other texts attributed to Thomas.

After the Coptic version of the complete text was discovered in 1945 at Nag Hammadi, scholars soon realized that three different Greek text fragments previously found at Oxyrhynchus (the Oxyrhynchus Papyri), also in Egypt, were part of the Gospel of Thomas.

Preservation of sayings, such as 23:2-3, which support the continued authority of Pharisaic teaching, and above all the special emphasis placed on the requirement not to offend those who still think in legalistic terms (see the discussion of -27), shows that dialogue with the Jewish Synagogue had not broken off.

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