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When we are with her, if I am not picking up after him, tolerating his lack of consideration and generally making myself his dog's body then I am not being a good wife for him.Consequently, Greek men grow up to believe that a woman's place is to cook, clean and take care of the children.My own Greek mother-in-law is a dear soul and has been very supportive of me....

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A CNET review by Rafe Needleman described Badoo's first impression as "creepy".

He said that though the site was advertised as a way to meet local friends with shared interests, it was more like a photo-based dating site.

However, the downside of this is the too easy availabilty for him to gamble when we are in his home country .

Reading through this, I am not sure if she is perhaps merely talking about all men - not just the Greek ones.

A Greek male is a complex creature full of contradictions, hyperboles and oxymorons.

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