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They have prosecuted parents, hiding evidence their daughter was killed by wild dogs. In the first study of its kind, a Chicago Tribune analysis of thousands of court records, appellate rulings and lawyer disciplinary records from across the United States has found:- Since a 1963 U. Supreme Court ruling designed to curb misconduct by prosecutors, at least 381 defendants nationally have had a homicide conviction thrown out because prosecutors concealed evidence suggesting innocence or presented evidence they knew to be false.

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Of the 381 people whose homicide convictions were reversed, 46 were tried in Illinois.

That's the second-highest total and twice as many as the state that ranks third.

And that number represents only a fraction of how often such cheating occurs.- The U. Supreme Court has declared such misconduct by prosecutors to be so reprehensible that it warrants criminal charges and disbarment.

But not one of those prosecutors was convicted of a crime. Instead, many saw their careers advance, becoming judges or district attorneys.

Many prosecutors follow the rules and honor their obligations.

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