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He made a cameo appearance in the film The Tall Guy (1989), and was one of five of the Are You Being Served?

cast to be reunited in character for the sitcom Grace & Favour (titled Are You Being Served? in the United States), which ran for twelve episodes in 19.

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In 1972, he was asked by David Croft to play a part in a Comedy Playhouse pilot called Are You Being Served? despite initial reluctance from the BBC to include such a camp character. The broadcast was followed by the five episodes of the first series in early 1973.

The first series showing opposite Coronation Street on ITV attracted little attention, but repeats later that year were very successful. Wilberforce Claybourne Humphries and his earlier career in the clothes retail business was good preparation for this role in a menswear department. Anyway, I know for a fact that an enormous number of viewers like Mr.

Inman made his television debut in the sitcom A Slight Case Of...

in 1965, then in 1966 he appeared in two episodes of the BBC sitcom Hugh and I then in 1970 he appeared in one episode of the ITV sitcom Two in Clover.

He also toured Australia, starring in a number of productions including Bedside Manners (2003) and a revival of Are You Being Served?

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