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She is a "hands on" researcher and the creator of one of the largest website on the internet with hundreds of pages providing information on the paranormal, UFOs, ancient races and their cultures, sacred sites and power points of the world, underground tunnels and cave systems, dimensional worlds , metaphysics, etc.

The governor of Kentucky commissioned her as a ‘Kentucky Colonel” for her work on the ancient sites of Kentucky.

The Viking explorer parties had came back and had told the rest of their Greenland colony of their wonderful discovery.

As readers expect, her studies extend beyond her own experiences.

The author and investigator often takes visitors on tours containing an inter-dimensional vortex and hosts yearly conferences and meet ups with many well known speakers on anomalous phenomena."What differentiates her book.

These Images Now Show a Circular Opening at the North Pole! Something that all Hollow Earth Theorists have been waiting for!

How long these photos will remain on the web is anyone's guess.

Apollo 8 photos have been out since 1967 but up until now we haven't had any colored photos for the public to view.

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